North Sacramento Urgent Care: Enjoying a Fruitful Farmers’ Market Day

There’s nothing like a good serving of healthy, nutritious, certified organic fruits and vegetables on your dining table during a family meal. Fortunately, more and more avenues are opening up for you to have access to these produce.
Farmers’ markets such as the Sacramento Farmers’ Market give a great opportunity for both shoppers and vendors alike to get the community a little more and a little better. It doesn’t hurt, either, that they have fantastic organic produce and creative wares to catch the attendees’ fancy.

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Need Better Z’s? Try Out These 7 Exercises

Sleep is more than a luxury. It is the natural process that allows your body to repair itself, recharge, and become rejuvenated for the next day. When you get adequate rest, you are making sure that all systems will be set on go when you wake up the next morning, including your heart and the intricate system of your blood vessels. Continue reading

Sacramento Walk In Clinic and Watching Monster Jam

Get ready to hold on to your hats and keep your eyes peeled. The monster truck convoy is heading to the Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento and it’s sure to be two nights that are jam-packed with excitement.

You’ll hear the roar of the crowd, watch vehicles perform tricks that should never be tried at home, and experience the action firsthand, rather than on a television screen. Beware, though, for while the show is sure to live up to your expectations, it’s literally not for the faint of heart. Continue reading

North Sacramento Urgent Care Center Provides Tips on Treating Boils

Boils are actually an infection caused by the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus. While this microbe usually resides on the skin’s surface, it can enter and infect the hair follicles when the skin gets scraped or irritated. When this happens, swollen, pus-filled masses appear on your skin.

Painful and bothersome though boils may be, they are not life threatening. In fact, U.S. HealthWorks Medical Group, which operates a North Sacramento urgent care center and occupational health clinic, says that most boils can be safely and effectively treated at home.

North Sacramento Urgent Care May Treat Fewer Allergies this Year

Everyone in Sacramento can breathe easy this spring as allergists believe that the 2014 allergy season may be relatively milder compared to last year. In an interview with FOX40, one allergist says that this is likely due to insufficient amounts of moisture on the ground that would have allowed grasses to grow more abundantly. After all, grasses produce pollen, which is widely considered to be a major allergen in California. Continue reading

North Sacramento Urgent Care: On Preventing and Treating Pertussis

Pertussis is highly contagious, but it can be prevented, which is why scheduled vaccinations during infancy and early childhood are recommended. Boosters or other vaccine types may also be administered to older children and adults. Exposure to the disease, such as when adults or siblings come into contact with infected babies, warrant preventive vaccination. Continue reading