North Sacramento Urgent Care: Prepare for Fun Run with Sports Physical

Halloween is bound to be a real treat with the Hope for Hearing Halloween Run happening this October 29, 2016 at Sacramento’s William Land Park. Perfect for the whole family, you can dress up in your spookiest Halloween costumes to double the fun and even have a chance to win an award for best costume. There’s also trick or treating for all children under 13 years old. Best of all, all proceeds will be given to Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking (CCHAT) and Hope for Healthy Families Counseling Center.

Whether you choose to run the 1K, 5K, or 10K race, remember to go in for a sports physical at a North Sacramento walk in clinic beforehand. A race is a physically demanding activity, and you run the risk of pain or injury if you’re not adequately prepared.

Fun Run

What’s a sports physical, anyway?

Also known as a pre-participation physical examination, a sports physical helps determine if you can safely participate in a sports activity like running. During this exam, your present fitness level is assessed as well as your overall health.

In addition, a medical expert will evaluate your pre-existing injuries to help them learn if you have any condition that can worsen as you participate in sports activities. Lastly, a sports physical can determine if you have any pre-participation conditions that can elevate your risk for new injuries.

What happens during a sports physical?

It involves two parts, the actual physical exam and a medical history. During the process, your measurements will be recorded. Tests will be conducted to gauge things like your flexibility, eyesight, strength, and posture. You’ll also be asked some important questions regarding your health such as your alcohol intake or consumption of dietary supplements. It is important to answer honestly to give your doctor as much information as possible.

What if you don’t pass the sports physical?

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you can’t participate in the Hope for Hearing Halloween Run. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of re-checking your vitals and undergoing some further testing to determine how to get you back in tiptop shape.

The key is to properly assess your present state of health to ensure that you stay safe during the run. Therefore, get a sports physical as soon as you can from a North Sacramento urgent care center, such as U.S. HealthWorks, to make sure you don’t miss any of the Halloween fun. 

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