North Sacramento Urgent Care: Enjoying a Fruitful Farmers’ Market Day

There’s nothing like a good serving of healthy, nutritious, certified organic fruits and vegetables on your dining table during a family meal. Fortunately, more and more avenues are opening up for you to have access to these produce.
Farmers’ markets such as the Sacramento Farmers’ Market give a great opportunity for both shoppers and vendors alike to get the community a little more and a little better. It doesn’t hurt, either, that they have fantastic organic produce and creative wares to catch the attendees’ fancy.

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Need Better Z’s? Try Out These 7 Exercises

Sleep is more than a luxury. It is the natural process that allows your body to repair itself, recharge, and become rejuvenated for the next day. When you get adequate rest, you are making sure that all systems will be set on go when you wake up the next morning, including your heart and the intricate system of your blood vessels. Continue reading